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Student Confirmation Preparation:

Students begin preparation for Confirmation in 8th grade which combines service and class meetings during the school year. During the second year of preparation they are expected to attend a Confirmation Retreat, attend a Called to Serve session and write a letter to the pastor showing their desire/understanding of Confirmation. Students may begin preparation later in their school career or take longer to complete the program if spreading out the requirements works better for their schedules. Some requirements may vary for the Catholic School student.

Please see our Confirmation Prep page under JH-HS Formation for specific details or call the Faith Formation Office at 248-625-1750 with any questions.

Adult Confirmation Preparation:

Please see our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) or contact Colleen Snyder at 248-625-1750.

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Colleen Snyder
Director of Religious Education

Shelly Beer

Youth Confirmation Coordinator

Vikki Toth
Administrative Assistant