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Basic Information for Parish Groups
Interested In Using Buildings

• All meetings, special events, etc., must be sponsored by one of the four parish commissions. Your group should thenceforth communicate with the coordinator(s) of the sponsoring commission regarding the reservation of rooms, set-up, special requests, etc.

• Once your group has reserved a certain room or rooms, your group will be expected to remain in that room and not "switch" rooms without prior permission from the commission coordinator. Commission coordinators will have to check with the Parish Secretary to see if the room(s) that your group wishes to is/are available.

• If the sponsoring commission coordinator or another staff person will not be available during your meeting, special event, etc., they will appoint someone from your group to be in charge. From that point on, this person will have "lead responsibility" for your group. Be aware that whoever takes lead responsibility for your group is also responsible for the behavior of those attending the meeting, special event, etc. Also, if the person with lead responsibility is not familiar with the lock-up process, he or she should ask the commission coordinator to demonstrate.

• Children should be supervised by an adult AT ALL TIMES.

• Before leaving, remove debris from tables and general area, and dispose of.

• If using the social hall area, wipe all tables clean before leaving, if necessary.

•If you have changed the original set-up of the room, it should be returned to the way you found it before leaving.

• For any dinners or dances: Bag up your garbage and put it in the garage. The key to the garage is hanging on the side of the cupboard next to the stove in the kitchen. DO NOT leave any leftovers in the kitchen -- either take them with you or throw them away! Remove any decorations that you may have put up.

In order to request the use of a room at St. Daniel, please complete a Room Reservation Request Form and submit it to your appropriate area coordinator.

If your group needs the assistance of Maintenance for a special set-up or other tasks, complete a Work Request Form and submit it along with the Room Request Form to the appropriate area coordinator.

Finally, if your group will be using the parish kitchen, a Request for Use of Kitchen form should be completed and returned with the Room Request Form.

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Parish Secretary