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(For validation of an existing civil marriage, please see below *)


When a couple has become engaged and is interested in celebrating their wedding at St. Daniel's, they may contact the Parish Office (248-625-4580) at least six months before the anticipated date of marriage. (NOTE: One of the engaged parties must be registered and active within the parish for a minimum of six months before securing the wedding date.) A letter of information regarding celebrating a wedding at St. Daniel’s will be sent to the engaged couple. This letter contains all of the guidelines that need to be met in order for the couple to be married here.


If both of the parties are free to marry in the Church, and if the couple meets the other requirements outlined in the informational letter, then a date and time for the wedding can be set. This wedding date should be secured with the church BEFORE any reception facilities are reserved!


If there are obstacles to marriage, such as previous marriage by one of the parties or a need to complete the sacraments of initiation and return to active participation in the life of the Church, these obstacles can be discussed with the pastor to explore options leading to a Catholic marriage. In the case of a previous marriage, that party needs to pursue an annulment. For more information on the annulment process, click here. No date can be set until both parties are free to marry in the Catholic Church.

*Validation of an existing civil marriage

If a couple is already married outside the Church, by civil authorities or in a non-Catholic Church without special dispensation through the Catholic Church, then the couple may wish to validate - or "convalidate" - the marriage by taking the marriage vows in the presence of a priest or deacon and two witnesses. Usually this quiet ceremony takes place in the church on a Saturday afternoon. There is no cost whatsoever; however the couple must be free to marry in the Church and complete the interview with a pastoral minister. For details, contact Father Ron at rbabich@stdanielclarkston.orgor 248-623-5861.

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